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Nineteen Trade is a Portuguese trading company whose purpose is to provide a high quality service to other companies operating in the international market. Due to our cultural and language closeness, we collaborate mainly within the community of Portuguese-speaking countries (CPLP), particularly in Africa PALOP, but also with other Portuguese communities around the globe (in the United States and Canada, France, Switzerland, among others).

We draw on the vast knowledge that our agents have of the specificities of these markets, and together with a panel of carefully selected partners, Nineteen Trade offers a wide range of qualified products to all service-providing companies with activities ranging from the agri-food sector to everyday consumer goods trading.

  • Rua Augusto Nogueira da Silva, 1480 - Sala 1 4475-133 - Castelo da Maia
  • geral@nineteentrade.com
  • 00351 220 164 002
  • liliana.pinto@nineteentrade.com
  • 00351 934 896 026
  • olivia.santos@nineteentrade.com
  • 00351 934 896 025
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